Web Server Security

Web Server Security

Point of view

Determined attackers breach firewalls and infects your web server, they also infect pages on the server with malicious JavaScript code.


Hitachi solution continually monitors banks websites to ensure that contents have not been tampered with.

Expected Business Outcomes

This ensures the constant monitoring of key registered web pages e.g. login, or payment screen, and periodically checks that contents haven’t changed. It also detects forged sites generated by Gumblar, Darkleech Apache module, which are considered to be difficult.

What is it

Our solution protects against attack by making online checks of web server against reference pages stored securely.

Why use it

Quickly detects and reports upon attacks or malicious changes to websites which might otherwise go unnoticed for long periods.


The technology monitors targeted web pages like login and payment screens to periodically check if anything has changed alerting immediately if suspicious activity occurs.

Where can it be used?

Any registered webserver.