Mobile Reader — B2

Mobile Reader overview

The B-2 solution packages B-1 technology in a portable form factor. Utilizing wireless technology it frees users from the desktop whilst maintaining excellent reliability, accuracy and functionality in a small sleek package.

Point of View

With the advent of mobile devices, phones and tablets, there is a need to go wireless particularly for those who are busy travellers as part of their job. The B2 device frees the user from desktop connection.


Using all of Hitachi’s experience in manufacturing finger vein devices, this device has been designed to provide a small package with no moving parts.

It has been miniaturised to the same size as a business card (but slightly thicker) the advance in miniaturization of electronics enables this exciting product to be produced whilst maintaining Hitachi’s reputation for quality.

Business Outcomes

  • Compact — small body that contains a very clear OLED screen, SIM card slot all in one light package that fits in your pocket
  • Portability — Either wired or wireless for versatility
  • Robust hardware, structurally durable.