Pay by Finger

Pay by Finger overview

Fast, easy and secure payments are available to you, just using your finger, thanks to FingoPay, the revolutionary new system designed and built by British tech innovators Sthaler.

A partnership between Hitachi of Japan and Sthaler, FingoPay extends the technology to turn your finger into the ATM.

It has been launched in the UK to British consumers, first, during 2015/16 with partners, WorldPay and Hitachi.

FingoPay identifies you beyond any doubt to securely process your transactions within seconds. In the future you’ll be able to access events and update your personal records with no risk of fraud.

Use FingoPay at home to eliminate having to use username and passwords, there is no better way of protecting your online identity than using a key which is natural and unique to you,

Your fingers are really difficult to lose, they can’t be stolen and used (has to be a live finger attached to your body) and the system is built with so many safety features its nigh on impossible to break. Travel safely with no more worries about losing your purse or wallet, bulking out that new designer dress or jacket with a wallet, you can make all your payments just by scanning your finger. And you will know that you are using the most secure payments system available today.

The FingoPay system benefits the shopkeeper too, overall transactions cost them less because they’re 100% assured of your identity and overheads linked to fraud can be eliminated, discounts and fabulous loyalty offerings should come your way too. This will help your favourite shops to give you better more personalised service.

Of course your data is kept safe behind military grade security, its your choice whether you share your personal data or not with the shopkeepers you regularly use. If the rewards are there you may want to enjoy the benefits which could be discounts, free stuff or air miles.

All you need is your finger, what’s next is up to you!