Wave goodbye to passports,
wave hello to the future of Biometric ID.

Just Wave! Hitachi Finger VeinID securely recognises you from the veins in your fingers. All you have to do is wave them in front of a laptop or mobile camera. This is the future of biometric ID.

The future of security is here

Hitachi’s VeinID Five is able to biometrically authenticate you, by utilising the ambient light spectrum to highlight the vein pattern within your fingers, VeinID Five captures the pattern through a standard laptop camera which then grants you access.


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Finger vein technology is a safe, reliable, non-invasive biometric solution which provides fast and highly accurate identity authentication for access to data or secure areas.


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We are delighted to announce that Hitachi & iPulse announce Partnership in Africa

Hitachi Europe limited, a pioneer of Finger Vein Biometric technology, and iPulse Systems, a South Africa based company that has been delivering biome...

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