Digital Security Portfolio

A digital security portfolio designed for the digital business era.

Digital Security Portfolio

A security portfolio designed for the digital business era

Our portfolio is at the forefront of protecting your business, your reputation and customers.

We offer a state of the art, tried and tested security portfolio alongside our groundbreaking online security solutions to counter cybercrime.

Our portfolio helps to provide a secure environment for your organisation and achieves individual non-repudiation.

We have been involved in high-quality biometric authentication for over 18 years with our Finger Vein technology which has been implemented all across Asia and Europe.

security solutions

Hitachi helps IT and business leaders develop and implement a security approach that ties security to business goals, combats a widening variety of threats, and embraces emerging technologies to support the enterprise's pursuit of new digital business opportunities.

transaction signing

Hitachi digital transaction signing enables our customers to digitally sign and authenticate using a secure cloud platform. This removes inefficient processes like printing, faxing, scanning, overnighting, and data rekeying.

login authentication

Hitachi authentication provides a flexible set of easy-to-use, multi-factor credentials and transparent, risk-based evaluations to improve the security of corporate applications and data, protecting your employees' identities.

access control

Hitachi provides upgradeable and expandable systems that can easily be integrated with your security management systems. This enables secure and authorized access into both the physical and logical world.