Browser Security

Browser Security

Point of view

An installed virus / trojan re-routes the communication to display a forged web page, tampering the authentic contents of the authentic web site. This is difficult for users to notice. With traditional client-based antivirus software it is hard to detect this kind of threat.


Hitachi B1 Browser Plug-In detects overlays/loss of focus during browser transactions. Our Sign-What-You-See tool provides a faithful rendering of input data with tamper detection capability.

Expected Business Outcomes

Assures non-repudiation of transactions and provides user confidence that what is displayed is what is transacted.

What is it

Our solution detects Man-in-the-Browser attacks by utilising cloud based API solutions to detect any tampering within the browser. A sign-what-you-see component provides extra transaction security.

Why use it

Man-in-the-browser attacks are typically not picked up by anti-virus software. Overlay attacks or redirect attacks fool the user to believing the fraudulent transaction is real.


Assures non-tampering of transactions. Protects against man-in-the browser attacks - which traditional methods find difficult to detect.

Where can it be used?

Any browser on any client.