Identity Management

Identity Management

Point of view

Identity theft or sharing of credentials can result in fraud; financial loss, accountability and loss of audit trail governance.


Hitachi VeinID provides identity assurance for login and transaction signing to protect the end user or customer from identity theft using state of the art biometric technology.

Expected Business Outcomes

Identity assurance for login and transaction signing is tied to an individual human rather than shareable credentials.

What is it

Our solution is a finger vein biometric solutions, tried and tested in the banking industry and currently used by Japanese and European banks

Why use it

We can help improve security, provide better client experience, reduce operating cost and support non-repudiation.


Biometric solution is fast, accurate, user friendly, and secure with a great user experience. No PIN or password is required as they are replaced by a credential that cannot be shared or copied.

Where can it be used?

Use cases include, single sign-on, transaction signing, windows logon, password replacement, identity assurance.