End Point Security

End Point Security

Point of view

Traditional virus and trojans attack your system memory or hide in operating system files. Anti-virus software can detect viruses using pattern checking.

Malware and Viruses variants and subspecies evolve so frequently that pattern data updates aren’t able to keep up.


Hitachi solution mitigates against the risk of malware interfering with online sessions to falsify identities, steal money or valuable data and works against traditional virus and trojans in memory or hiding in operating system files by analysing malware behaviour.

Expected Business Outcomes

Analyses endpoint behaviour for suspicious activity and reports BEFORE malware is known about.

What is it

Our solution helps in the fight against cybercrime by monitoring potential threats from malware.

Why use it

Research shows low levels of anti-virus software utilisation, increasing the risk of potential attacks.


Our solution analyses behaviour rather than pattern matching malware at file or memory level. Our solution can monitor and prevent suspicious malware activity and report to the bank security advisor.

Where can it be used?

Optimised for banking - client installed and clientless options are available. Mobile available also.