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1 Jul 2016

Hitachi VeinID harnesses biometric and cryptographic technology to increase security and bring down your costs.

In the race to gain digital advantage, you can leave your business vulnerable to cybercrime and identity theft. With chip and PIN transactions, for instance, fraudsters can skim cards, or users share PIN numbers, both of which expose your business to fraud.

Hitachi VeinID provides identity assurance for login and transaction signing, using state-of-the-art biometric technology to protect the end user from identity theft. In essence a user’s biometric data becomes their PIN, which means any transaction is tied to an individual person, rather than shareable credentials.

This step change in digital security doesn’t just prevent fraud, it presents some compelling savings for your business too:

  • Save on operational overheads — cards can be shipped blank straight to the customer
  • Reduce costs — with a simplified process and cards that can be re-used
  • Avoid non-working time — new cards can start working immediately, saving an estimated 2 man years of non-working time per corporate customer
  • Increase productivity — with a faster process of transactions
  • Boost ROI by over 160% — based on 20,000 users over 3 years.

Hitachi VeinID can help secure your digital framework — and your digital advantage, so you make the most of the opportunities in this digital business era. Contact us to learn how you can boost ROI by over 160% — based on 20,000 users over 3 years.