Digital Signature Reader — B1

Digital Signature Reader overview

Organisations can use the B1 reader to transact and authenticate, features inc:

  1. Links the individual clearly to the transaction
    Replaces the PIN with high-performance biometric identifier.
  1. Achieves individual non-repudiation
    Eliminates card-sharing.
    Eliminates data and PIN sharing with 3rd parties.
  1. Delivers Customer Self Service
    Generate keys and certificates onsite, at user enrolment.
    No pre-personalisation of cards.
  1. Simplified card management and lower costs
    Takes the Card Co away from the centre of the process and allows cards to be procured from multiple vendors.
  1. Low impact
    Build on standard authentication platforms and protocols such as PKCS#11.
    Minimal footprint on endpoints.



Hitachi B1 Solution Diagram

By combining three established technologies of Hitachi Biometric, Cryptographic SIM and Sign What you See the B1 device eradicates the need for a PIN, seen as the weakest point associated with any security device or solution.

PINs are frequently lost, forgotten, shared or compromised and can be exposed to PIN trojans (PIN replay) on the web and this creates exposure for clients using these devices to protect their transactions. In essence, in the Finger Vein solution, the biometric data becomes the PIN. By combining this with PKI it strengthens PKI authentication and nonrepudiation as for the first time a transaction can be associated with an individual rather than at company level, providing clarity around who actually carried out the transaction.

Business Outcomes

Improved Security

  • Step change increase in Digital Security
  • Reduction in Fraud
  • True Identity Assurance – including non-repudiation of transactions.

Better Client Experience

  • An easy to use, innovative alternative to traditional OTP or Chip/PIN techniques
  • Removes the reliance on PIN
  • High level of self service capability for clients
  • In high-volume transaction environments provides a smooth ‘frictionless’ login and authorisation of payments with no PIN/OTP to enter.

Reduced Costs

  • Reduced overhead on Operations and Customer Service
  • Simplified logistics and distribution of cards and removal of PIN distribution
  • Addresses software co-existence issues.