VeinID Five

Introducing Hitachi’s newest addition to the digital security portfolio, VeinID Five.


It is the first safe, reliable, non-invasive biometric solution to provide fast and highly accurate identity authentication of access data or secure areas.

Simply raise your hand to a standard laptop or desktop camera to capture an image of your hand and by utilising an ambient light spectrum it can highlight the vein patterns within your fingers.

Why the veins? As they function internally, the blood in veins in your fingers are very hard to replicate meaning added layers of security in comparison to traditional biological data such as fingerprints.

Hitachi’s VeinID Five succeeds where other biometric authentication has failed. It embraces all of the strengths of two-factor authentication without carrying the weaknesses.



Each person’s vein patterns are highly complex and unique. Utilising an ambient light spectrum to highlight the vein pattern within your fingers, VeinID Five is able to biometrically authenticate who you are.




It asks the user to perform one simple gesture — raise the hand. A standard laptop or desktop camera (720p or better will do) can capture the image.




The software will conduct high-accuracy biometric matching of the finger vein pattern against the registered user template. Once verified, it performs Windows authentication in under five seconds and allows the user access.




This provides us with a straightforward and superior experience. The benefits of this system are much more far-reaching than ease of use and verification alone. 



To find out more information please email Andy