Citrix VM

Citrix VM overview

Utilising Citrix XenApp or Xen Desktop and Xen VDI Hitachi can now offer market-leading smart card authentication and signing response times via the B1 device over thin client increasing user security significantly

Point of View

Smart card authentication over thin client doesn’t work very well a lot of the time, but thin client brings with it many advantages for corporate banks in high-risk areas e.g. payments /traders. By implementing the B1 device with PKI signing and thin client the end-point can be highly secured.


The web browser is hosted by the bank on a Citrix app server. This is fully locked-down and secured. The customer accesses the web browser by using B1 to authenticate to the Citrix server, and is then logged into corporate banking.

Business Outcomes

By acting as ‘browser as a service’ it eliminates significant security risks at the client.

The customer only needs a browser and Citrix Receiver plug in to be installed — no Hitachi software is needed on the client.

In addition the following benefits are available.

  • High throughput (Smart card authentication maximum allowed Latency is maximum 50 ms) Hitachi signing performs well in a high-latency environment
  • High productivity
  • High usability through the use of the signing finger vein B1 application.
  • Protection from Man-In-The-Browser and Man-In-The-Middle attacks, endpoint issues, utilising a fully ring fenced solution.