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It’s not just what you know

19 Oct 2016 --- The law calls for multi-factor authentication to keep payments safe — and biometrics could play a vital role. The Second Payment Services Directive, or PSD2 as it’s commonly known, is a piece of legislation that...

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Truly digital security for banking

5 Aug 2016 --- Barclays is harnessing unique biometric technology to stamp down on cyber fraud and protect its customers. Almost every week there seems to be another story in the newspapers about a commercial organisation having its online...

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Put your finger on the pulse of maximum security

1 Jul 2016 --- Hitachi VeinID harnesses biometric and cryptographic technology to increase security and bring down your costs. In the race to gain digital advantage, you can leave your business vulnerable to cybercrime and identity theft. With chip...

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24 Feb 2016 --- The UK’s Barclays bank has launched a new corporate online banking tool that relies on biometric authentication. Called iPortal, the system uses Hitachi Digital Security Vein ID scanner as a PIN and password replacement. The...

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