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Introducing tomorrow’s way to pay – forget contactless — go cardless

15 Sep 2016

Sthaler is using the innovation of Hitachi Vein ID to introduce finger scanning payment technology

We’ve already seen how banks and financial institutions are harnessing the cutting-edge Hitachi Digital Security Vein ID scanner to safeguard bank accounts. Now there’s a new development that we could see on the high street to make shopping easier and more secure too.

British company Sthaler is using Vein ID technology to enable shoppers to pay simply by placing their finger in a scanner. Named FingoPay, the technology links the shopper’s finger to a credit card or bank account, eliminating the need to carry cash or plastic ever again.

Sounds too futuristic? Nick Dryden, founder of Sthaler, disagrees. “We’re already tested the technology at concerts, Worldpay HQ canteen, and in a London night club” explains Dryden, “And we’re working with McDonald’s and The Co-operative too.”

The finger vein scanner is pocket sized, so will fit easily on shopping counters and till areas. It brings unparalleled levels of security too — a lot more secure than fingerprint, passwords and PINs.

The technology is already making waves amongst the business community, and Interbrand has named Sthaler and FingoPay as one of its ‘Inaugural Breakthrough Brands’. “Companies like Sthaler are just beginning to unleash the potential of Hitachi’s Vein ID,” explains Ravi Ahluwalia, Deputy General Manager Information Systems, Hitachi Europe. “The technology is now available, and developments like ApplePay show people are comfortable with biometrics.”

It seems this is an idea whose time has come.

Hitachi Europe works with Sthaler as a strategic technology partner who offer solutions both complimentary and integrated with the Finger Vein Authentication solution.

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