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Hitachi Digital Security used in employee management systems

22 Dec 2016

It can be difficult tracking lots of temporary staff with varied shift patterns; keeping track of who is on site and the hours they’ve worked.

This is especially true when time and attendance systems use simple signing-in books, punch cards or swipe cards.

Biometric systems are more accurate because the employee has to be there in person — this stops colleagues sharing cards or signing each other in and it’s also useful for health and safety compliance, validating eligibility to work, and emergency evacuation rosters.

Most biometric systems are based on external features like face, the iris or fingerprint but this raises privacy issues as well as being susceptible to covert capture without the individual’s knowledge. Some European countries, for example, forbid the use of fingerprint systems for time and attendance.


Using vein patterns inside the finger, it provides fast and accurate matching without privacy issues. The vein pattern is an internal biometric meaning it cannot be captured covertly without the person knowing. It is also portable and easy to use, making it an easy user experience.

Hitachi works with leading providers like Humanforce Workforce Management who, several years ago, linked VeinID to their excellent workforce management software.


There are many large-scale events in London and they don’t come much more prestigious than the annual Royal Ascot race meeting.

Royal Ascot is attended by more than 300,000 people over five days and more than 2,000 temporary staff are taken on for the event.

Sodexo the caterers for Royal Ascot for the past 15 years, turned to Humanforce in 2016 to:

  • Track staff time and attendance costs
  • Provide better staff management
  • Provide more accurate time tracking
  • Improve absence-rates and dispute outcomes.

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