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Finger vein technology: the next frontier for online security

17 Nov 2020

For the past 20 years, compromised or stolen passwords have accounted for more security breaches than any other verification method. Today, they continue to account for over 80% of all breaches, making passwords the bane of IT departments around the world.

Yet both consumers and businesses continue to rely on passwords to protect their online identity. The reason for this is simplicity. Passwords are easy to set up, and this helps them reign supreme as the default option for providing internet security. The key to moving society away from passwords is to find a more secure solution that is still just as user-friendly.

Security in your fingertips

While a less well-known form of biometric authentication, finger vein technology has become a huge opportunity for the biometrics market. The technology uses the individual’s unique finger vein pattern, and through a process of image capture, verification, and authentication, quickly and securely grants access to the relative device.

Hitachi has been working on finger vein technology since 2005, when it first patented the ID system. The concept is simple: to provide an easy, accessible form of biometric authentication that also avoids some of the issues inherent in other biometrics. Fingerprints can be stolen, and facial recognition is still susceptible to bias whilst also not adjustable to ageing.

VeinID Five is the product of this ambition, launched last year by Hitachi’s Security Business Group. It replaces passwords for devices using Windows, and the solution is also being extended to use the OpenID connect interface. VeinID Five allows users to log in with a simple raise of their hand, and as well as removing the need to remember a password it requires no additional hardware – unlike most existing alternatives currently on the market. The standard camera already built into the user’s laptop or desktop can capture the image needed.

Finger vein technology is already being used across the banking and retail sectors, and this application now enables people to use it from home.

The added benefits of touchless technology

There is also an added benefit of touchless technology in today’s environment. As society adjusts itself to social distancing measures, we are potentially entering the era of touchless technology. Finger vein applications that can be easily introduced, and also substituted in place of fingerprint scanners, have a distinct advantage at a time where we are looking to avoid unnecessary surface contact.

VeinID Five offers a simple, secure, and touch-free means for users to access their laptops or desktops, providing an effective alternative to passwords that doesn’t require any additional devices. If you’re curious about going password-free, we’re currently offering a 30-day free license for Window 10 users to trial VeinID Five. It’s time to say goodbye to complex passwords and wave hello to the era of finger vein technology.